Terms and conditions of use


The Company (hereinafter “the Company”) has entrusted the company ITERAR NETWORK, SAS with a share capital of € 3,000, whose registered office is at 149 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Nanterre under number 881 571 715, exercising under the commercial name ccup.io (hereinafter "CCUP.IO") the organization of a sports forecasting game between colleagues / participants of the Company ( hereinafter the “Game-Contest”) on the competitions that can be found on the ccup.io website, ordered by the Company.


2.1. Conditions of participation
This game is open to any natural person residing in France and/or abroad and capable of entering into obligations under French law.

Participation in the Competition is free and without obligation to purchase.

The employees of the Company, its partners and affiliates, its community and its fans and, more generally, the persons designated by it to CCUP.IO (hereinafter the “Participants”) may participate in the Contest.

CCUP.IO reserves the right to carry out all necessary verifications regarding the identity, postal and / or electronic address of the Participants.

All CCUP.IO staff, including their families and spouses (marriage, civil partnership or marital life, recognised or not), are excluded from any participation in this game and from the benefit of any endowment, whether directly or indirectly.

The Company and each Participant agree to comply with all current legislation and, in particular, without this list being exhaustive, those relating to the prohibition of the dissemination of pornographic, pedophile, violent, obscene, racist, defamatory content and others.

The Company and / or each Participant may,at any time, report illegal content on the Platform by sending us an email to the following address: contact@ccup.io, so that CCUP.IO can take the appropriate measures.

2.2. Rules
For all participants, participation in the game implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the Game-Contest’s rules available on each game platform, in the "Lots and Rules" tab. The rules will be sent free of charge to anyone who requests it at: contact@ccup.io or +33 1 83 79 24 54.

Failure to comply with said regulations automatically results in the cancellation of participation and the possible allocation of prizes. In the event of a problem arising on the interpretation of said regulations, they will be sovereignly resolved by CCUP.IO.


3.1. Accessibility of the Contest
The Game-Contest is accessible at the address "the Company".ccup.io from D-15 start to D + 15 end of the Competition.

3.2. Registration procedure
To register and participate in the Game-Contest, it is sufficient for the representative of the Company to:

* connect to the website via the following URL: https://www.ccup.io,
* fill in the Company, Name, Mail, Phone, Number of players and Desired Competition fields.

A CCUP.IO representative will then call the representative of the Company within one hour to offer him a quote and, after agreement, to set up his administrator area, a personalized area for the Company and the personal areas of each Participant designated by the representative of the Company, all on the website.

The representative of the Company will be able to accede to his administrator page, the URL of which will have been communicated to him or her by CCUP.IO.

Alternatively, Individuals can benefit from our services through automatic registration. For that, they can simply access the website https://www.ccup.io, press the "Try for free" button, fill in the requested fields and start configuring the platform.

3.3. How to participate
Each Participant can connect to his personal space, the URL of which will have been communicated to him or her by the Company.

Each Participant will be able to communicate through the chat or through the newsfeed. The use of the chat and of the newsfeed by any user must not infringe public order, morality, or the legal and regulatory provisions in force. Each user of the chat accepts without reservation that his/her comments or his/her behaviour can be moderated by an administrator and / or moderator (the representative of the Company), in order to moderate or delete comments, or even ask CCUP.IO to permanently close the account of the disputed comments’ author.

Anyone who has not provided proof of their full and exact details and identities will be disqualified.

The Company and the Participants authorize the verification of their identity. Failure to comply with these general conditions of use and regulations, as well as any fraud or attempted cheating, whatever their nature, will result in its author’s outright elimination from the Game-Contest.

Only one entry is allowed per company during the entire game period.

CCUP.IO can in no way be held responsible in the event of fraud, cheating or deceitful manoeuvres that distorted the Game-Contest between Participants or non-compliance with the rules by one of the Participants.


The designation of the winners will take place within 48 hours after the end of the Competition.

This designation will be made according to the number of points earned by each of the Participants, in compliance with the regulations.

Each winning Participant will be announced on the personalized Platform and they will be notified directly by the Company by email.


The Contest is endowed with an endowment, awarded to the designated winning Participants. Each winner wins a single prize.

The list of endowments is determined by the Company only, without the presence of CCUP.IO.

This list of endowments as well as the allocation methods will be displayed on the personalized platform accessible to any Participant designated by the Company.

The Company alone organizes the terms for the delivery of prizes and is solely responsible for this delivery to the winning Participants.

CCUP.IO can in no way be held responsible for any fact relating to the prizes, in particular in the event of failure to allocate, incorrect attribution or delay in the attribution of a prize.

CCUP.IO cannot be held responsible for the use or non-use, or even trading, of the prizes by the winning Participants


All of the elements making up this website are subject to French intellectual property law.

All reproduction rights are reserved, including - without this list being exhaustive - for texts, graphic representations and images.

Reproduction of all or part of the website on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited and will be sanctioned in conformity with the laws in force.


Any request or recourse by a Participant in connection with the Contest can only be made against the Company, any claim or action against CCUP.IO shall be excluded.

Participation in this Game-Contest via the Internet implies on the part of the Company and each Participant knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics, limitations, risks and technologies of the Internet.

Without this list being exhaustive, this includes knowledge and acceptance of performance and technical constraints, and thus of the time necessary to consult, transfer and / or receive textual and / or visual information, risks of interruption, and, more generally, the risks associated with and inherent in any Internet connection, the lack of infallible protection of certain data against possible hijacking, pirating or contamination by viruses circulating on the entire Internet.

CCUP.IO cannot be held responsible for damage caused by a malfunction of the Internet, the equipment or the Internet service provider of the Company or of a Participant, or any virus targeting CCUP.IO., the Company or the Participant.

The Company and CCUP.IO do not guarantee to each Participant that the website and the personalized platform will operate without interruption or that they will not contain computer bugs.

In all cases, the Company and CCUP.IO will do their best to remedy any malfunctions of the website and / or the platform as soon as possible, as soon as they become aware of them.

In the event of a technical failure of the Internet, of the website, of the personalized platform or of the occurrence of any event outside a Game-Contest session affecting its smooth running, the Company and / or CCUP.IO will reserve the right to invalidate and / or cancel all or part of the Game-Contest session.

Each Participant is informed that no request will be granted on this basis.

In any case, the Company and CCUP.IO cannot be held responsible for damage caused by force majeure.


The reimbursement of internet connection costs to participate in the game, up to a maximum limit of 3 minutes and excluding mobile participation, can be obtained by each Participant on written request, clearly specifying their last name, first name, full postal address, date and time of participation.

Each Participant making a request for reimbursement must accompany it with the account details as well as a copy of the invoice from the internet service provider showing the exact nature of the said supplier's service, its billing method and the date and time of connection corresponding to the participation in the game clearly highlighted.

It is specified that no access to the website carried out on a free or flat-rate basis (eg: connection by cable, ADSL or leased line) will not lead to a refund. In such a case, the subscription to the services of the access provider is contracted by the Participant for his use of the Internet in general, and his connection to the site and participation in the game do not incur any costs or additional disbursement.


CCUP.IO keeps a records and uses the information communicated by the Company, namely the name, first name, email address, telephone number of its representative, the name of the company, its postal address.

If the participant uses the "Try for free" feature, CCUP.IO records and uses the following information: last name, first name, email address, telephone number.

CCUP.IO records and uses the following Participants’ data: email address, surname and first name (if the Participants indicate it) and their photo (if the Participants provide it).

This data is recorded and used by the Company and by CCUP.IO to memorize their participation in the competition and allow the allocation of prizes.

This data is also recorded and used by the company ITERAR NETWORK (the parent company) but will in no case be communicated to external structures.

All of the Participant's data is stored in Europe on professional and secure infrastructures. This data is not sold by CCUP.IO to third party companies and, above all, is deleted at the end of the competition (1 month after the end of the competition).

CCUP.IO is not informed of the processing of Participants’ data collected by the Company.

Each Participant is informed that they may object to their personal data, communicated in the context of this competition, being processed.

He also has a right of opposition to their data being used for commercial prospecting purposes, apart from participation in this Competition, which he can assert upon registration of his participation by contacting the Company by any means.

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, any participant has the right to demand that his information, which would be inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or outdated, be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or erased, by writing to the Company and to CCUP.IO, whose address is mentioned in article 1.


These general conditions of use are subject to French law. If a dispute arises, the parties will endeavour to resolve it amicably. If a dispute persists, it will be submitted to the competent French courts.

General terms and conditions of sale


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to govern the terms and conditions as well as the methods according to which the company ITERAR NETWORK, SAS with a share capital of €3000, whose registered office is located at 149 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry under the number 881 571 715, operating under the trade name ccup. io (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Provider") provides its sports prediction services to any individual or legal entity, having the capacity to enter into a contract with the Service Provider, i.e. having the legal age of majority and not being under guardianship, requesting the services of the Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as "the Customer").

Article 1 - Scope of application

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all orders placed, regardless of the manner in which the order was placed, and as such, form an integral part of said orders. All orders imply the Customer's unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1.2 Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, these terms and conditions shall prevail over any other document issued by the Service Provider, such documents having only an indicative value.

Article 2 - Description of the service
CCUP is a solution offering sports prediction contest services for brands or companies, on an interactive prediction platform, turnkey and customizable.

Article 3 - Order

3.1 The first step of the order process is to fill in the form available on the website www.ccup.io/commander, or to contact the Provider directly. Once the form is completed, the Provider contacts the Customer to discuss elements such as the nature of the service, the delivery time or the estimated price.

3.2.1 The quotation provided to the Customer by email following the discussion between the Customer and the Service Provider is based on the information that the Service Provider learns from the aforementioned discussion and will contain the description of the service, the amount, the terms of payment and the date until which the quotation is valid.

3.2.2 The order is considered placed only after the Provider receives the quotation signed by the Customer or a written email confirming the validation of the order in relation to the quotation sent. The return of the signed quotation or the confirmation of the order by e-mail is worth purchase order and acceptance of the offer made by the Provider.

3.2.3 The Provider reserves the right to refuse an order.

Article 4 - Performance of the service

4.1 Depending on what the Customer and the Service Provider have agreed beforehand, the URL to the final version of the customized platform, including all the elements that were agreed upon during the placement of the order will be sent to the Customer.

4.2.2 No modifications or alterations may be made free of charge, except in the event of an error attributable to the Service Provider's personnel in processing the order.

4.3 Any additional requests and services outside of the initial agreed upon service will be considered as a modification of the service and will be subject to additional billing.

4.4 The modification of the initial service can also be made by mutual agreement between the parties. In this case, a new estimate will be made.

Article 5 - Delivery

5.1 Delivery will be made within the timeframe agreed upon by the parties, except for justified reasons such as the Provider's inability to work and except for cases of force majeure, provided that the other party is notified immediately of their occurrence and their disappearance. The Competition can be accessed at the address "the Customer".ccup.io from 30 days before the start to 30 days after the end of the Competition that is the subject of the Agreement.

5.2 Any delay on the part of the Customer in providing essential elements for the execution of the service, such as: logos, colors, etc. will result in an automatic extension of the delivery time, equivalent to the number of days of delay of the Customer in providing these elements.

5.2.1 The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend any order while awaiting the necessary elements from the Customer, without prejudice or financial compensation and without this constituting grounds for termination of the order.

5.2.2 In the event that the Customer takes an unusually long time to provide the elements necessary for the proper execution of the contract, the Provider reserves the right to issue an invoice for work already completed.

5.2.3 Delays in delivery cannot justify the cancellation of the order by the Customer, nor give rise to the payment of damages, indemnities or penalties.

Article 6 – Rétractation et annulation de la commande

6.1 Taking into account the personalized character of the service, no right of withdrawal is possible, in accordance with the Code of the Consumption taken in its articles L.121-18 and following.

6.2.1 In exceptional cases, the Provider may accept a cancellation of the current order if the work for the performance of the service has not been started. The request for cancellation of the order shall be made in writing only, by writing to the address: contact@ccup.io

6.2.2 No refunds can be made when work on the platform has already been started.

6.2.3 In the event of cancellation of the services of the SERVICE SUPPLIER during the performance of the work, the SERVICE SUPPLIER reserves the right to retain a sum compensating for the work performed.

Article 7 - Pricing and payment

7.1 Unless otherwise stated, pricing is based on the number of seats available on the game platform. The pricing system is degressive. The price shown on the ccup.io website is for information only.

7.2 The prices indicated on the estimate and the invoice are in Euros, all taxes included. The orders placed must be paid in euros, before the deadline appearing on each invoice, by check, transfer or credit card.

7.3 Any delay in payment on the part of the Customer, beyond 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice, will automatically result, in accordance with the law, in late payment penalties at a fixed annual rate equal to 10% of the invoice amount.

7.4 In accordance with Articles L. 441-10 and D441-5 of the French Commercial Code, a flat-rate indemnity of forty euros for administrative and collection costs is payable by the Professional Customer, in the event of late payment. Where applicable, if the collection costs actually incurred are higher than the amount of this fixed indemnitý, the Service Provider may ask the Customer for additional compensation, upon justification, in addition to the annual interest rate of 10% of the amount including tax of the ́ sum still due, without including the amount of the fixed indemnity for file and collection costs.

Article 8 - Information

8.1 The Service Provider undertakes to keep confidential the information provided by the Customer for the execution of the order, to use it only for the purpose of the execution of the service and to destroy it when the mission comes to an end under explicit request of the Customer, sent to the address: contact@ccup.io

8.2 Before transmitting information or elements such as photos to the Service Provider for the performance of the Contract, the Customer must ensure that it has all rights to reproduce and use them. The Customer shall be solely responsible for such rights.

Article 9 - Intellectual property and transfer of rights

9.1 The Customer authorizes the Service Provider to publish on the Customer's website, or on media intended to promote the services provided by the Service Provider, the Customer's logo (if applicable), the Customer's company name, and snapshots of the Customer's presentation design, deleting any confidential information provided by the Customer.

9.2 The Customer may object to this measure by sending a letter to the Provider at: contact@ccup.io

9.3 The Service Provider assigns to the Customer all of its rights in the Project, except for the rights mentioned in Article 9.1. This assignment includes, but is not limited to, the rights to reproduce, communicate to the public and adapt the Project as a whole and the elements that make it up, regardless of their nature. The Client thus has the right to reproduce in any form, adapt, print, record, publish, translate and market the presentation.

9.4 The transfer of rights is valid in all countries and until the Service Provider enjoys the exclusive right to exploit its work, i.e. during its life and the seventy years following the death of the author, in accordance with Article L. 123-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Article 10 - Applicable law

French law is the only law applicable to these General Terms of Sale. In the event of a dispute, any dispute related to its interpretation, execution or validity, and possibly after an attempt to find an amicable solution, will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris.

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For any question or quotation requests, do not hesitate to reach us by phone at 01 83 79 24 54 or by email : contact@ccup.io

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Frequently asked questions

What is ccup.io?

Ccup.io is a cohesion tool, allowing firms to gather their collaborators on the occasion of major sporting events, such as World Cup or Olympic Games. We offer an interactive forecasting platform, turnkey and customisable to your company’s colours.

What are you doing with our data?

By deciding to use our services, you decide to entrust us a part of your data – this will allow us to optimise your experience. We place great emphasis on the protection of your data, in compliance with current regulations. Given that it is important to be informed on the issues and challenges of personal data protection, ccup.io provides you with a most complete documentation on this matter.

How much does it cost?

In order to give our clients flexibility, we make a special rate depending on the number of registered players using a degressive system for an important number of participants. This allows firms to organise tailored events, adapted to their capacity. To receive a commercial offer in less than an hour, you only need to fill out the quotation requests form, with just a few clicks.

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