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"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." said Leonardo da Vinci. At, we aim to reach perfection! Given that the best products need the best testers, we are looking for meticulous and competent people who pay attention to details, in order to attain the perfection of our product.

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We strive for excellence

Thousands of tests allow us to attain excellence. Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible user experience. For that, your feedback is essential.

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The energy generated by sporting competitions at your service

We propose a simple and efficient forecasting contest that can represent a ludic and cost-effective team-building activity or an activity meant to reinforce your brand’s image.

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For any question or quotation requests, do not hesitate to reach us by phone at 01 83 79 24 54 or by email :

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Frequently asked questions

What is is a cohesion tool, allowing firms to gather their collaborators on the occasion of major sporting events, such as World Cup or Olympic Games. We offer an interactive forecasting platform, turnkey and customisable to your company’s colours.

What are you doing with our data?

By deciding to use our services, you decide to entrust us a part of your data – this will allow us to optimise your experience. We place great emphasis on the protection of your data, in compliance with current regulations. Given that it is important to be informed on the issues and challenges of personal data protection, provides you with a most complete documentation on this matter.

How much does it cost?

In order to give our clients flexibility, we make a special rate depending on the number of registered players using a degressive system for an important number of participants. This allows firms to organise tailored events, adapted to their capacity. To receive a commercial offer in less than an hour, you only need to fill out the quotation requests form, with just a few clicks.

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