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Sports in our lives

The frenzy of sports is one of the few things that affects almost everyone. Whether we follow a sporting event closely or from afar, with others such as friends, family or colleagues, we have already felt the desire to make forecasts on the matches. For some, it became a tradition. As head of a company, it is difficult to avoid conversations about sports during major events such as the World Cup or EURO. Why not use the energy that those sporting competitions generate, as a team cohesion tool?

ballon de rugby in all of this is a company that finds its essence in sports and team cohesion. We therefore propose a turnkey solution, which can be used by heads of companies or by human resources departments. This solution allows you to organise your forecasting game on a platform provided by our team, customisable to your company’s colours. You only need to choose the event, your logos, your graphic chart and in no time, you will have access to a customised, complete and intuitive platform.

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Your company in all of this

For your employees, it is a way to out of the routine, to spend nice moments and enhance inter-colleagues relations. But for you, it is a tool which will boost your teams’ productivity – all by enhancing corporate culture. A better corporate culture also means free marketing via a plurality of channels.

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Word-of-mouth from your employees to other companies’ employees


Possibility to post pictures of the platform developed with colours of your choice on social media.

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The organisation of a forecasting game at a larger scale, using your colours

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Meet the new generation’s expectations

At a time when the newcomers on the labour market (Millennials/ Gen Z) are looking for more than an attractive salary, i.e. for an actual company culture that promotes wellbeing at work - outsmart your competitors!

balle de tennis’s advantages?

You are convinced that you need to make the most out of sporting events to enhance corporate culture, but you are wondering why not organise a forecasting contest using an Excel table? The answer can be found in this article.

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A turnkey solution

Besides the practical advantages of a forecasting platform, proposes different functionalities to guarantee the success of your event. Amongst those functionalities, you can find the customisation of the platform already mentioned beforehand, but also the responsive design, ensuring a pleasant user experience. You also have access to pertinent statistics and to a general ranking, accompanied by an instant messaging to keep your teams connected, without forgetting that the platform is multilingual, for an optimal integration of all your subsidiaries.

The team

It is hard to talk about the advantages of our platform without mentioning the people who have materialised this dream: the team – a team passioned by sports and innovative products. A determined team and thousands of hours of work so that you can enjoy the benefits of a sports forecasting game, without having to worry about the technical part. You just need to use it!

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Put at your service
the energy generated by the competitions

Our product is an important marketing tool that can be used in order to bolster your brand’s image on social media, which have an increasingly impressive power of influence.

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The most important sporting competitions at your service!

Discover the competitions

Contact us

For any question or quotation requests, do not hesitate to reach us by phone at 01 83 79 24 54 or by email :

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Frequently asked questions

What is is a cohesion tool, allowing firms to gather their collaborators on the occasion of major sporting events, such as World Cup or Olympic Games. We offer an interactive forecasting platform, turnkey and customisable to your company’s colours.

What are you doing with our data?

By deciding to use our services, you decide to entrust us a part of your data – this will allow us to optimise your experience. We place great emphasis on the protection of your data, in compliance with current regulations. Given that it is important to be informed on the issues and challenges of personal data protection, provides you with a most complete documentation on this matter.

How much does it cost?

In order to give our clients flexibility, we make a special rate depending on the number of registered players using a degressive system for an important number of participants. This allows firms to organise tailored events, adapted to their capacity. To receive a commercial offer in less than an hour, you only need to fill out the quotation requests form, with just a few clicks.

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